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Titanium composite: TiKRON

We manufacture tikron from titanium and its alloys using three classes of the Russian titanium:

- Titanium VT-1.0 is a metal with a chemical purity of 99.99% ti. It has high plasticity.

- The titanium alloy OT-4.1 is an alloy of 96% ti and 4% al. It has is medium hardness and is characterized by good weldability.

- The titanium alloy VT-20 is an alloy of 90% ti, 6% al, 2% mg and 2% zr. It has high hardness and an ability to take strengthening at 890-930 °C.

We selected these titanium classes after many experiments to achieve good forging, ductility and, most importantly, to get the maximum color range during thermal oxidation.

In comparison with titanium, tikron is harder, more solid and flexible. Owing to the use of the VT-20 titanium class, tikron is good for use in those cases where the material experiences dynamic loads, because tikron is flexible and does not break or bend.
Tikron is a hi-tech material which features are high strength, light weight, flexibility, resistance to corrosion, hypoallergenicity and ability to get a range of beautiful colors.
We keep the chemical purity of the material while manufacturing. Continuous shavings at tikron processing proves that the material is welded qualitatively, technological integrity has not been violated and the material has not been saturated with gases.

Titanium-Zirconium composite: ZiKRON

Recently, our team began to produce titanium composite with zirconium which consists of pure titanium, two titanium alloys and zirconium in various variations of thicknesses. Thus we get the four-colored material with a unique pattern and composition. Zirconium, like titanium, has a high chemical resistance, does not cause allergies, and has the ability to exhibit relief (texture) during thermal oxidation, which allows to bring even more expression to creative works.

We are constantly experimenting with different thicknesses and combinations of different alloys to create maximum artistic expression and the uniqueness of the drawing.

Products from TiKRON & ZiKRON


From any time period, our masters get ready get personaly orders "Every Day Carry" products.

Todays, we produce for show more product:

- collectable pens

- collectable zippo

- collectble knife

- Jewelry Pendants

- Jewelry Rings


The dispatchment takes place within 1-5 business days after payment.

- The shipment via Mail Russia - Fully FREE to ALL WORLD.

- The shipment via Express Mail Service (EMS) costs ≈ $55.

Once your order is dispatched, we provide you with its tracking id. Shipment duration via EMS to the USA, China, EU is about 9-30 days.


- DHL shipment rate is ≈ $225


We will surely exchange the goods in case we have sent you a wrong size, pattern or the material has got any manufacturing defect (though we do our best to exclude these situations). In case of any issue, please write us an email to info.tikron@gmail.com within 7 days after delivery.

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